Here are links to web resources on Indian butterfly biology, taxonomy, conservation and education (please contact us if you know any websites, databases or other web resources that you think are appropriate for this page):

ButterflyIndia yahoo group: a very active, informative email group to discuss Indian butterflies.

LepIndex: an online card index from the Natural History Museum, London; a valuable peek into NHM's Lepidoptera collections index cards, with occasional additional taxonomic tidbits.

Markku Savela's online listing of the world Lepidoptera: an error-prone but quick and very useful look at taxonomic listing of the world's butterflies and moths.

DiversityIndia: a group to discuss and document biodiversity in India.

Butterfly Conservatory of Goa: an excellent example of butterfly conservation at a local and familylevel.

A Check List of Butterflies in Indo-China: Chiefly from Thailand, Laos & Vietnam: a comprehensive resource on Indo-Chinese butterflies by Yuataka Inayoshi, which is also especially relevant to butterflies of the E. Himalaya and NE India.

Taxonomic listings:

Papilionidae of the World: a pictorial summary of Papilionidae (swallowtail butterflies) of the world.

Parnassius of the World: Apollo butterflies of the world.

Birdwing butterflies: an introduction to the birdwing butterflies of the world.

Delias of the World: A subspecies-level listing and other information on Delias (Jezebels; Family Pieridae) of the world.

Other helpful web resources:

Butterflies of America: an extensive collection of reference photographs and other information of American butterflies.

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