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Limited information is available on the feeding of amphibians. Here is a selection of some observations:

Trimeresurus malabaricus feeding on Indirana cf. chiravasi

Melanophidium khairei feeding on earthworm

Amphiesma stolatum feeding on Sphaerotheca sp. 

Calliophis nigrescens feeding on Uropeltis sp. 

Eutropis carinata feeding on Moth. 

Ahaetulla nasuta feeding on Black Headed Bunting. 

Hemidactylus murrayi feeding on cricket

Bungarus caeruleus feeding on Coelognathus helena helena 

Boiga cf. beddomei feeding on bat.

Trimeresurus malabaricus feeding on Rhacophorus malabaricus 

Hemidactylus murrayi feeding on Owl Fly. 

Xenochrophis piscator
feeding on dead Hoplobatrachus sp. 

Amphiesma stolatum feeding on Sphaerotheca sp.

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